March 31,2016
by admin • Comments Off on Gallery Update: ‘Smoke & Fire’ / Behind The Scenes   Music Video   Photos   Photoshoot   Screen Captures

High quality screen captures, photos from behind the scenes and a photoshoot from Sabrina’s newest single and music video, “Smoke and Fire” have been added to the photo gallery.

Screen Captures

smoke-fire-mv0019.jpg smoke-fire-mv0002.jpg smoke-fire-mv0057.jpg smoke-fire-mv0116.jpg smoke-fire-mv0125.jpg

Behind the Scenes

saf-bts0003.jpg saf-bts0018.jpg saf-bts0013.jpg saf-bts0033.jpg saf-bts0029.jpg


smoke-fire-ps0003.jpg smoke-fire-ps0005.jpg smoke-fire-ps0008.jpg smoke-fire-ps0010.jpg smoke-fire-ps0009.jpg