June 11,2015

Sabrina stopped by the AOL Studios (June 8) in New York to talk about her debut album, “Eyes Wide Open” and hit Disney Channel show, “Girl Meets World”. She also gave a little sneak peek into the music video for “Eyes Wide Open”. Watch the video below.

Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World follows the life of Riley, which includes her bold best friend Maya, played by Sabrina Carpenter. As the show goes into its second season, Carpenter is now working on a Disney Channel Original Movie, Further Adventures in Babysitting, and touring in support of her debut album Eyes Wide Open. Interview at AOL HQ in NYC for AOL BUILD.

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June 9,2015

Sabrina made an appearance at Planet Hollywood in New York City on Sunday (June 7). The “Girl Meets World” star performed songs from her new album, “Eyes Wide Open” and signed some autographs for the fans. High quality photos have been added to the photo gallery. Below is a video of her performance at the event.

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June 8,2015
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Sabrina spoke at the ATX TV Festival alongside “Girl Meets World” co-stars, Rowan Blanchard and Ben Savage. MQ photos have been added to the gallery.

boymeetsgirlmeetsworld-6285.jpg 11422720_987343848060351_1481002538_n.jpg boymeetsgirlmeetsworld-6330.jpg boymeetsgirlmeetsworld-9117.jpg boymeetsgirlmeetsworld-9246.jpg

June 8,2015

HQ stills and screen captures have been added to the photo gallery. There are 8 stills and 196 screen captures.


girl-meets-world-tell-tale-josh-returns-stills-01.jpg girl-meets-world-tell-tale-josh-returns-stills-08.jpg girl-meets-world-tell-tale-josh-returns-stills-05.jpg girl-meets-world-tell-tale-josh-returns-stills-03.jpg girl-meets-world-tell-tale-josh-returns-stills-11.jpg

Screen Captures

1x06_28229.jpg 1x06_284629.jpg 1x06_286829.jpg 1x06_2815929.jpg 1x06_2819629.jpg

June 4,2015
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Sabrina has attended events while the website was down, so I have added those photos! Carpenter spoke at the PBS Studios in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on May 17.  On May 30, she attended the “I Didn’t Do It” season 2 wrap party. Check out the photos, below!

PBS Studios (Speech) – May 17

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PBS Studios (Signing) – May 17

mc-pictures-disney-channel-star-sabrina-carpen-010.jpg mc-pictures-disney-channel-star-sabrina-carpen-009.jpg mc-pictures-disney-channel-star-sabrina-carpen-008.jpg mc-pictures-disney-channel-star-sabrina-carpen-001.jpg mc-pictures-disney-channel-star-sabrina-carpen-005.jpg

“I Didn’t Do It” Season 2 Wrap Party (Photo  Booth) – May 30

bwrap-1.jpg bwrap-2.jpg bwrap-3.jpg bwrap-4.jpg bwrap-8.jpg