June 17,2015
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Sabrina celebrated her sweet 16 with a Alice In Wonderland themed party at the Blind Dragon Lounge on Saturday (June 14). The Girl Meets World actress was joined by her co-stars and other close friends at the celebration. Photos from the memorable night have been added to the gallery.


carpet2_28229.jpg carpet2_28129.jpg carpet4_28229.jpg carpet5_28229.jpg carpet3_28229.jpg


Sabrina_Carpenter_38~5.jpg Sabrina_Carpenter_40~5.jpg Sabrina_Carpenter_46~3.jpg Sabrina_Carpenter_58~2.jpg Sabrina_Carpenter_66~1.jpg

Photo Call

photocall1_28129.jpg photocall1_28229.jpg photocall2_28129.jpg photocall2_28229.jpg photocall2_28429.jpg

June 17,2015
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Sabrina attended the Call It Spring Turf And Surf Summer Campaign Launch Party in Los Angeles on June 11. High quality photos have been added to the gallery.

Sabrina-Carpenter-__1_.JPG Sabrina-Carpenter-__8_.JPG Sabrina-Carpenter-__39_.JPG Sabrina-Carpenter-__57_.JPG Sabrina-Carpenter-__95_.JPG

June 16,2015

The music video for Sabrina’s latest single and title of her debut album, “Eyes Wide Open” was released on Sunday (June 14). High quality screen captures, photoshoot and behind the scenes photos have been added to the gallery.

Screen Captures

ewo_sc_286829.jpg ewo_sc_289729.jpg ewo_sc_281329.jpg ewo_sc_28129.jpg ewo_sc_2814829.jpg

Behind the Scenes

bts_281029.JPG bts_283229.JPG bts_283729.JPG bts_287029.JPG bts_287729.JPG


ps_282329.JPG ps_283929.JPG ps_287229.JPG ps_2812429.JPG ps_2816029.JPG

June 16,2015

HQ stills and screen captures have been added to the photo gallery. There are 9 stills and 159 screen captures.


gmw-girl-meets-rules-stills02.jpg gmw-girl-meets-rules-stills01.jpg gmw-girl-meets-rules-stills07.jpg gmw-girl-meets-rules-stills03.jpg gmw-girl-meets-rules-stills08.jpg

Screen Captures

2x07_28429.jpg 2x07_283429.jpg 2x07_287829.jpg 2x07_289029.jpg 2x07_2815729.jpg

June 11,2015
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Sabrina made an appearance at the SiriusXM Studios in New York (June 8). Photos from the appearance have been added to the gallery.

a_28129.jpg c_28129.jpg b_28129.jpg d_28129.jpg d_28229.jpg