March 30,2016

The photo gallery has been updated with high quality screen captures from season 2 of “Girl Meets World” 

2×24 “Girl Meets Belief”
2x24-cap0025.jpg 2x24-cap0100.jpg 2x24-cap0169.jpg 2x24-cap0387.jpg 2x24-cap0426.jpg
2×25 “Girl Meets the New Year”
2x25-cap0029.jpg 2x25-cap0189.jpg 2x25-cap0250.jpg 2x25-cap0294.jpg 2x25-cap0456.jpg
2×26 “Girl Meets STEM”
2x26-cap0008.jpg 2x26-cap0117.jpg 2x26-cap0167.jpg 2x26-cap0220.jpg 2x26-cap0262.jpg
2×27 “Girl Meets Money”
2x27-cap0036.jpg 2x27-cap0074.jpg 2x27-cap0167.jpg 2x27-cap0263.jpg 2x27-cap0329.jpg
2×28 “Girl Meets Commonism”
2x28-cap0008.jpg 2x28-cap0075.jpg 2x28-cap0103.jpg 2x28-cap0144.jpg 2x28-cap0146.jpg
2z29 “Girl Meets Bay Window”
2x29-caps0006.jpg 2x29-caps0071.jpg 2x29-caps0104.jpg 2x29-caps0153.jpg 2x29-caps0183.jpg
2×30 “Girl Meets Legacy”
2x30-cap0010.jpg 2x30-cap0148.jpg 2x30-cap0260.jpg 2x30-cap0339.jpg 2x30-cap0448.jpg

March 30,2016

The photo gallery has been updated with high quality stills from season 2 of “Girl Meets World” 

2×24 “Girl Meets Belief”
2x24-stills0002.jpg 2x24-stills0003.jpg 2x24-stills0004.jpg 2x24-stills0006.jpg 2x24-stills0008.jpg
2×25 “Girl Meets the New Year”
2x25-stills0001.jpg 2x25-stills0004.jpg 2x25-stills0002.jpg 2x25-stills0003.jpg 2x25-stills0005.jpg
2×26 “Girl Meets STEM”
2x26-stills0001.jpg 2x26-stills0002.jpg 2x26-stills0003.jpg 2x26-stills0005.jpg 2x26-stills0006.jpg
2×27 “Girl Meets Money”
2x27-stills0001.jpg 2x27-stills0006.jpg 2x27-stills0007.jpg 2x27-stills0009.jpg 2x27-stills0010.jpg
2×28 “Girl Meets Commonism”
2x28-stills0001.jpg 2x28-stills0002.jpg 2x28-stills0003.jpg 2x28-stills0004.jpg
2z29 “Girl Meets Bay Window”
2x29-stills0001.jpg 2x29-stills0002.jpg 2x29-stills0003.jpg 2x29-stills0004.jpg
2×30 “Girl Meets Legacy”
2x30-stills0002.jpg 2x30-stills0006.jpg 2x30-stills0001.jpg 2x30-stills0003.jpg 2x30-stills0005.jpg

March 26,2016
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Welcome back to! First I would like to apologize for the long absence. I am glad to inform you that Sabrina Carpenter Source has gotten at new Co-Admin and we are working on getting content to post. Below is a to-do list of what we are collecting and our progress on it.

Media (Photos, videos, etc):

  • Appearances – December 2015, January 2016, February 2016, March 2016
  • Photoshoots – 2015, 2016
  • Girl Meets World Stills – 2×24, 2×25, 2×26, 2×27, 2x.28, 2×29, 2×30
  • Girl Meets World Screen Captures – 2×24, 2×25, 2×26, 2×27, 2×28, 2×29, 2×30
  • Music Video – Smoke & Fire Screen Captures
  • Plays & Musicals – Peter Pan and Tinker Bell — A Pirates Christmas


  • Lyrics – Smoke & Fire


Plain = collecting/Waiting
highlighted = collected
Striketrough = Uploaded/Done

November 28,2015
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Sabrina was filming the Disney Fa-La-La-Lidays Special special for this year a while ago and photos from the event have been added to the gallery. The event will air Sunday, November 29 on Disney Channel.

2.jpg 1.jpg

November 10,2015
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Sabrina recently announced that she has a new Christmas themed single dropping soon. The track is titled, “Christmas the Whole Year Round” and will be released November 13. Check out a live performance and the art below.

christmas_year_round.jpg christmas_year_round.jpg christmas_year_round.jpg christmas_year_round.jpg christmas_year_round.jpg