October 9,2019

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Paper Kinds

Research Articles present analysis that is fully developed results, and conversation of on medical subjects in the range of this journal. These are typically anticipated to provide theories that are new unique ideas with their applications, together with outcomes should always be significant. Though there is not any limitation of area, to encourage quality, and conciseness of presentation length that is excess are charged for manuscripts much longer than 25 book units. These manuscripts are handled because of the staff that is editorial of log and therefore are typically provided for numerous reviewers.

Research Letters (in Geophysical Research Letters) are communications-length articles on major systematic improvements in most major geoscience procedures. Papers and really should have broad and implications that are immediate their control or over the geosciences.

Commentaries provide reflections or context around a current article within an AGU or another log, a growing or controversial subject in a particular medical industry, a medical subject with societal implications, or a recently available conference, session, or workshop. The audience is the broad Earth and space science community although submitted to a specific journal. click to read more »