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May 2, 2016 Posted By admin

Sabrina attended and performed at the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards tonight (April 30) in Los Angeles, California. Carpenter performed her new single, “Smoke & Fire”. She also won the “That’s My Jam” award for her song, “Eyes Wide Open”. Sabrina now has two ARDY’s. Congratulations, Sabrina!


16rdma-arrival001.JPG 16rdma-arrival006.JPG 16rdma-arrival008.jpg 16rdma-arrival020.jpg 16rdma-arrival025.jpg


16rdma-show002.jpg 16rdma-show004.jpg 16rdma-show008.jpg 16rdma-show009.jpg 16rdma-show013.jpg


16rdma-p006.jpg 16rdma-p009.jpg 16rdma-p007.jpg 16rdma-p016.jpg 16rdma-p014.jpg


16rdma-bs001.jpg 16rdma-bs003.jpg 16rdma-bs005.jpg 16rdma-bs007.jpg 16rdma-bs008.jpg

April 24, 2016 Posted By admin

Sabrina attended and performed at the What’s Trending’s 4th Annual Tubeathon, Wednesday (April 20) in Burbank, California. High Quality photos from the event have been added to the gallery.


tubeathon-s001.jpg tubeathon-s002.jpg tubeathon-s003.jpg tubeathon-s004.jpg tubeathon-s005.jpg


tubeathon-p001.jpg tubeathon-p002.jpg tubeathon-p003.jpg tubeathon-p004.jpg tubeathon-p005.jpg

April 14, 2016 Posted By admin

I have added high quality photos from Peter Pan and Tinker Bell – A Pirates Christmas to the photo gallery.


peter-pan-p001.jpg peter-pan-p003.jpg peter-pan-p004.jpg peter-pan-p005.jpg peter-pan-p006.jpg

Promotional Images

peter-pan-ps001.jpg peter-pan-ps002.jpg


official.jpg peter-pan-post002.jpg

April 14, 2016 Posted By admin

The photo gallery has been updated with high quality photos Sabrina’s performances from 2015.

14th Annual Tree Lighting at Citadel Outlets – November 7

1.jpg 2.jpg Sabrina_Carpenter_Citadel_Tree_Lighting_PP__02_.jpg Sabrina_Carpenter_Citadel_Tree_Lighting_PP__04_.jpg Sabrina_Carpenter_Citadel_Tree_Lighting_PP__03_.jpg
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – December 4

nascar-p001.jpg nascar-p001.jpg nascar-p001.jpg nascar-p001.jpg nascar-p001.jpg

March 30, 2016 Posted By admin

Photos of Sabrina performing at Kidtopia have been added to the photo gallery.

kidtopia-p0009.jpg kidtopia-p0010.jpg kidtopia-p0011.jpg kidtopia-p0005.jpg kidtopia-p0006.jpg

August 14, 2015 Posted By admin

Sabrina performed at the 2015 YTV Beach Bash in Toronto, Ontario on August 9. Make sure to check out the photos from the performance and around the beach!


1.jpg 4.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg


beach_bash_1.jpg beach_bash_3.jpg beach_bash_2.jpg


beach_bash_bs_2.jpg beach_bash_bs_1.jpg beach_bash_bs_4.jpg beach_bash_bs_3.jpg

Photo Call

bb-pc_3.jpg bb-pc_2.jpg bb-pc_1.jpg bb-pc_4.jpg

August 1, 2015 Posted By admin

Sabrina performed at the Ohio State Fair yesterday (July 30) in Columbus, Ohio. Check out the photos below!

A_28129.jpg C_28129.jpg C_28329.jpg D_28229.jpg E_28229.jpg

August 1, 2015 Posted By admin

Sabrina performed at the Festival of Ballooning on Saturday (July 25) in Readington, New Jersey. Check out her performance of “Eyes Wide Open” and photos below!

A_28129.jpg A_28429.jpg A_28529.jpg A_28629.jpg A_28729.jpg

We are aware that there are more photos of Sabrina from this event, but those photos have fans present and we respect the privacy of those individuals.

July 5, 2015 Posted By admin

Sabrina posted a cover of “Four Five Seconds” by Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney on her YouTube channel this past  Wednesday (July 1). The video features her sister, Sarah as back up/harmonizing vocals and Tyler Spry on Guitar. Check out the video, below!

July 1, 2015 Posted By admin

Sabrina performed at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Sunday (June 28) as part of the Show Of The Summer concert. You can watch videos of Sabrina’s performance and view high quality photos, below.

"Take On The World"
"Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying"

“Eyes Wide Open”

b_28629.jpg b_28229.jpg b_28529.jpg c_28129.jpg d_28429.jpg

Note: we are aware that there are more photos from the event, but those photos are with fans. Photos of Sabrina with fans are not posted here because we respect their privacy.