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ido    /    July 13,2017

Sabrina was at The Live 95.5 Studio, where she sang her new song “why”, talked and even played the game “For Him, or For Her”

Performance “Why”

Play a game of “For Him, or For Her” in the LIVE studio

Also i upload photos of this event. Check them out!

ido    /    July 12,2017

“Alone Together” is a new song from Sabrina Carpenter. She first performed it at the first concert of her summer The De-Tour in Vancouver, Canada on July 06

Also in July 8 at Edmonton, Canada

ido    /    July 12,2017

Also Sabrina performance of her new song “WHY” at POWER 93.3 VIP Lounge on july 11 !!

Check all photos of this performance and M&G!

ido    /    July 12,2017

Sabrina Carpenter’s performance of her new song “WHY” at MOViN 92.5 on july 11 was one of the FIRST time she’s ever played it acoustic!!

Also have te M&G. Check them out!

ido    /    July 7,2017

Sabrina Carpenter released her new single “Why” along with her new lyric video!

Sabrina tells iHeartRadio exclusively of her new single that the meaning behind the words is left to each individual’s own interpretation. She says:

“‘Why’ is a question we seem to pose daily, so there are multiple meanings within the song that are up to interpretation. We don’t necessarily need to be the same, to love the same. Sometimes differences can hold us together and I think that’s a beautiful sentiment to how we deal with divergence and how it can furthermore prove our compatibility. In the end, we don’t really need to know ‘why’ if we are confident in our own emotions.”

Also check out the picture of the single